Services & Benefits

Media Block provides a variety of services that benefit publishers, advertisers and investors.


Our brokerage service sources off-market deals for qualified buyers in any niche. Criteria is custom tailored to the buyer. Fill your deal flow pipeline with vetted leads using the same tried and true process as our investment fund.


Our omni-channel advertising network connects qualified advertisers and publishers. We offer more than just pageviews – email addresses, push subscribers, and social media followers to name a few. With our elite network, publishers that join us instantly receive referrals from new advertisers.

Benefits for Sellers & Entrepreneurs

Our typical seller has successfully operated the business for years, but is a first time entrepreneur. They are excited to work with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs that can share new strategies, expertise, and advertisers with them. The seller wishes to exit the business in the short term for cash, with the option to stay on as an employee or advisor afterwards. They may be looking to sell in order to start their second business or to start a family. Sellers that meet the fund’s criteria save the 15% brokerage fee. Those that do not are referred to investors and high net worth individual buyers. They are only charged a fee if the business is successfully sold.

Our founders work with the best in the business. Entrepreneurs get access to our advertising and partner network to increase sales. We also pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars in services for the business before closing. The business receives free content, high authority backlinks, conversion rate optimization, design, development, and strategic consulting.

Benefits for Advertisers

Advertisers benefit from our network by accessing millions of pageviews from audiences that are interested in financial products. The visitors in the space typically have a higher lifetime customer value than in consumer retail niches. Advertisers can also reach audiences in niches that Google Adwords and Facebook Ads do not serve, such as cryptocurrency. We offer competitive rates and go beyond just banner advertisements. Email blasts, push notification campaigns, and social media are all high converting mediums to engage your audience directly. In the future, we plan to develop software for easy onboarding and monitoring of campaign results.

Benefits for Investors

Digital media has a number of unique advantages over investment in traditional brick and mortar businesses. Overhead and GS&A expenses are traded for remote offices and distributed workers, in turn creating a more profitable company that can source the best talent from around the world.

Unlike ecommerce, inventory and warehousing are a non-expense for media publishers. Many of the day-to-day operating tasks can be automated with software or outsourced offshore. Re-incorporating allows the business to take advantage of favorable tax jurisdictions, presenting an immediate savings. Meanwhile, direct advertising revenue is typically collected upfront or net-30 for third party networks. Together this creates a scalable, profitable business that cash flows positive. Out of the gate digital media can exceed traditional stock market and real estate returns even before the growth strategy is implemented.

Benefits for Publishers

Publishers that join our network have several advantages. First, they have access to exclusive advertisers with high RPMs and CPL offers. Second, our system is referral based. So once a campaign has been sold for another publisher in our network, they can be referred directly to you. The referring publisher receives a commission, and the new publisher can sell an advertisement at any price they wish. Each publisher we add is hundreds of possible referral commissions and new revenue from advertisements for the other publishers in the network.

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