About us

About Us

Media Block is a private equity firm that acquires leading online media publishers in various sectors. We work with brilliant entrepreneurs to scale online businesses that create exceptional returns for our investors.

The strategy behind our company contains two critical ingredients:

  • Our proprietary technology for sourcing deals. Through a mix of automation and human input, we find and acquire high traffic, profitable media publishers.
  • Then we apply our advertising network to these companies, instantly increasing the bottom line.


Our core team comes from Wired Investors, where we acquired 15+ online media properties and millions of visitors over the last two years. We have deep experience in:

  • Sourcing high quality opportunities
  • Conducting thorough due diligence
  • Negotiating M&A transactions for 7-8 figure digital media and SaaS businesses
  • Systematizing the operations of acquisitions
  • Increasing traffic and revenue

We look forward to building upon this success with Media Block in new and exciting sectors such as Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Finance, AI, and Consumer Electronics.

Philosophy & Long Term Vision

Media Block will become the largest all season portfolio for digital assets. This approach limits market risk and allows us to weather a storm in any one sector. We’ve charted a course for specific sectors, but we aren’t afraid to fine tune our strategy to further promote success.

Our goal is to unlock the hidden potential in the millions of entrepreneurs that lack the strategic guidance or capital to further scale their digital media businesses. For investors, we aim to consolidate the fragmented digital industry and deliver above market returns.

Through consolidation of media assets, we create unique advantages. Publishers and advertisers benefit from cross-selling and economies of scale.

Industry Outlook

There are about a dozen major website brokers operating in the space currently and an unknown amount of smaller independent brokers. The industry is still in its infancy – the largest brokers have only completed 500-600 transactions with total sales over $100M. As the online and ecommerce industry continues to mature, more private equity firms and institutional buyers will enter the space.

An unprecedented amount of inventory is coming onto the market as Gen Xers sell assets to purchase houses, settle down with kids, or to fund their second business. In the future we expect multiples to increase as the asset class become more maintainstream. There are few alternative asset classes out there that can generate 30% cash on cash returns such as this one.

Why Now

Digital media publishers are too large for retail investors yet too small for institutional investors. The businesses are distributed and scalable, yet undercapitalized. We have seen explosive demand from advertisers but limited options.

Sellers are typically first time business owners that have become successful within a vertical and now ready for more strategic alliances and digital marketing deep expertise to further grow into a sector leader.

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